Why I think everyone should have Studio with their Senior Portraits……

I am a huge lover of outdoor Senior Portrait Photography!! The light. The background. The colors. The freedom to do whatever you want. BUT, I always love the incredible things that happen in a studio when you can control everything that happens.

Have you thought about if you want Studio Images along with your Outdoor Images when you have your Senior Portraits done? Want to know why I think you should?

*Meet Colette, one of my KCP Senior Squad 20 Models. She came in last week to play around so I could show you why I think everyone needs to have a studio portion to their Senior Portraits. You will be seeing a lot more of this gorgeous girl and my other KCP 20 Models.

My 4 main reasons why you should have Studio too……..

1. Traditional and Editorial posing.

When you add on Studio to your Senior Portrait Experience, you are giving yourself something more Traditional with an Editorial twist. Let’s be honest, every grandma wants a perfect traditional picture of their grandchild. Where the picture is all about you, and not what is happening in the background. So lets give Grandma what she wants and also push the editorial/fashion side of it with some fun poses and cool lighting.

2. Helps get you comfortable with the camera and me.

This is the best time to get to know me, as your photographer, and yourself as a model. Let’s be honest, most of you can take a killer selfie on SnapChat. At least, I know I can. But can you truly be comfortable in front of a camera when you can’t see yourself? Do not stress if your answer is no, because that is most people’s answer. Luckily, with me as your photographer you will not have to worry, because it is my job to help you!

3. If you can handle studio, you can handle anything.

Studio is all about you. Through the years, I have found that the studio can be uncomfortable for most, but at the same time there are no distractions. So because you can’t be distracted by a tree, the sun, wind (etc), you are able to become more at ease faster. When you are in studio it is all about you and me (and of course the music we are jamming to). No one is around but my crazy a**, so you don’t have to feel weird trying different poses. Don’t freak, I walk you through every pose of course. So by the time we head to our outdoor location, nothing will stop you from killing it in front of the camera.

4. It is free with every Senior Portrait Experience.

Do I really need to say more?

Colette had a perfect, yet simple outfit for a shoot like this. With this one outfit, we added a scarf, hat, put her hair up, and did 2 different backgrounds. We did a ton of different light set ups to make it seems like there was so much more going on than there really was.
I love how you can make a few changes and show all your different personalities without changing locations or clothes. I mean seriously, two totally different looks with different lighting and backdrop. Oh, and of course it helps that she can go from girl next door adorable smile to fierce runway model in 2.2 seconds.
And this is something new I want to add to all my Seniors, I want to see your silly/crazy side.

If those are not enough reasons, then just look at the images and that should be enough of a reason.

We are currently scheduling from now until December, so do not wait until the last minute, especially if you want to leave the Valley for your Senior Portraits!!

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Make your Senior Year great, and make sure you have great Senior Pictures to remember it!

Remember, if you want the best, you have to book the best!

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