“Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I’m possible.”

- Audrey Hepburn

Cadwallader Photography


Katie is amazing, and give a Senior Portraits Experience you wont ever forget!


KCP Senior Squad

Tatum Heeres

“Working with Katie was the best desicision! She was very professional and fun, love how my pictures turned out”


On Location

Studio Images

“Overall an amazing exerperience, even for someone like me who doesn’t like pictures. The pictures turned out fantastic and Katie was very friendly and we even jammed to some music during the shoot”

Destinations Session

I’m so glad I was able to go to New York City for my senior pictures. Katie made the trip so enjoyable and we spent the weekend exploring the city and capturing amazing photos.


Cadwallader Photography

behind the camera


Hi, I'm Katie!!

I'm a mom, wife, sister, daughter, best friend and I am a lifestyle Senior Portrait Photographer!

I started Cadwallader Photography in 2010! I am not going to tell you that I have wanted to be a photographer all my life, because I didn't! I really wanted to be a Singer, but then I realized I do NOT have a "Singing Voice"! Who knew??

But I have been that person who always had a camera and always took way too many pictures! In 2010 I was working from home as a Medical Transcriptionist and I took a Film Class as a hobby to get out of my house. During that class I learned how to actually use a camera in fully manual and realized how much I loved taking people’s Portraits!!


I truly believe that your Senior Portraits are a big deal!! Seriously, you are graduating from one of the biggest chapters of your life and about to embark on an even bigger one! Don't you want to freeze who you are right now, so you can remember later? 

So yea, there are a 100 photographers in the area, why should you pick me?  Because I'm going to give you an Experience that not many others strive for.  I'm not a shoot and burn photographer.  I'm not going to meet you for a quick shoot and then give you a quick "IG trendy" edit that you are going to hate in 6 months when the trend changes.  I'm going to help you from start to finish, give you a day where you feel like a darn model! And your final images are going to be something that in 20 years the only thing you might hate is your outfit choice.  

Whether or not you believe it, you will have your Senior Pictures the rest of your life! I want to give everyone images that their future kids will look at and want for themselves. 

What do I get from it? I love the moment when I show every senior the back of my camera in the middle of a session and they are shocked because they cannot believe that is a picture of them! I love seeing the reactions on parents faces when they realize, their baby is growing up and graduating high school!! I love that every senior has this natural picture sass that they don't even know they have!

Remember, your Senior Pictures define you and will be with you forever, so don't just have your neighbor take them because they have a "nice camera” or a friend paid for a really cool preset you like.  Pick someone who will give you something incredible. 

Cadwallader Photography


From the confirmation of our shoot date to reviewing the pictures for selection, we felt like "royalty". Madison chose to have the hair and makeup team on site, prepare her for this special moment. This experience was so comfortable and natural, as if we were all girlfriends getting ready for an evening out together. Crazy, fun, bunch, I have to say. During the shoot, my daughter was guided in how to stand, pose, and when to smile. This all seems basic for photo taking, but in the moment, when the camera is focused on you... this direction was amazingly helpful. A special touch, was while all the photo shoot stuff was going on, one of the team members was taking pics of her own and posting live on social media. Madison was getting messages of encouragement from her classmates as the day went on. As a mother, and the one holding the purse, I truly have to say... price didn't matter. This day will never be forgotten. Something my daughter and I shared together (and yes, there were tears)!


My experience with Katie taking my senior pictures and being apart of senior squad not only brought me confidence, but it also took away the stress of taking senior pictures and brought fun into every session i had with Katie and her crew!


Katie is an amazing photographer. She has does several different shoots for me from family photos to senior pictures to modeling photos. During the photo shoot she will either help guide you to what positions she knows looks good or let you do your own if you feel comfortable. She makes the shoot fun! There’s no awkwardness. She’s light hearted and a good conversationalist so she makes it a great experience all in all. Plus by the time she’s done with the edits the pictures are amazing and flawless.


Katie offers a unique service in that she not only takes wonderful pictures but she truly makes you feel beautiful. Her creativity and talent, paired with her ability to make anyone feel confident in front of the camera, left me with senior pictures that I’ll cherish forever. She offers an unforgettable experience on top of the most beautiful senior portraits I could have hoped for and I am so happy I chose her my senior year.


Working with Mrs. Katie was one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had all senior year! She is extremely kind-hearted, thinks outside of the box, and is fun to be around! You can tell she loves what she does because of the passion and hard work she puts into everyone she collaborates with. Thank you for being such an amazing person and rocking at what you do Mrs. Katie!